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How to compare Contractors

Question: How do I Compare Remodeling Contractors? What should I look for to help me decide?

Answer: Here is a checklist of action items to use when comparing Contractors:

1.) Check the license status and complaint record of all contractors on the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website. A link is listed below. Roadrunner's license is always current, and has never had a complaint.

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2.) Check Better Business Bureau record of all contractors on the BBB website. Roadrunner has an A+ rating with the BBB of Central Arizona.

3.) Ask all Contractors to provide a certificate of insurance for liability and workers compensation listing you as the certificate holder before work begins. If they cannot provide you with a certificate, they are not insured. If they are not insured, you are liable for any and all damages and injuries that may occur on your property during the course of the job. Roadrunner attaches a certificate of insurance to every contract.

4.) Call at least 5 referrals from all contractors. Ask previous clients if the contractor responded to concerns and calls in a timely manner, ask about their employees and sub-contractors, ask if they finished on time, if they were clean and neat, Etc. Roadrunner provides 50 referrals and photographs with every proposal.

5.) Ask all contractors how many jobs they have going at once. The more jobs they have going, the less attention you will receive. Roadrunner performs only one job at a time, so you are our ONLY customer.

6.) Ask who will be performing the daily work; employees or sub-contractors. Ask if their referrals had the same workers that your job will have, so you can enquire about how it was to be interacting with those workers every day. Roadrunner has had the same crew of Midwest craftsmen (employees) for the last 4 years.

7.) Ask all Contractors if you can view a sample of their Contract and Specifications. You can tell a lot about a Contractor by the details in their documents. A link to a sample contract is once again provided with every proposal.

8.) One of the more frequent complaints you will hear about remodeling projects is how long it takes. Ask for start and completion dates in writing. Roadrunner lists start and completion dates on the front page of every contract.

9.) If you are working with a Salesperson or Employee of a Company, ask how long they have been there and who you would contact if their employment is terminated before or during the job. At Roadrunner you are always dealing with the OWNER of the Company.

If you ask all these questions you will easily be able to weed out the good Contractors from the bad.  Good Luck!

Answered by: Patrick Benkowski, CR President - Roadrunner Custom Remodeling Inc. (More Tips)

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